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Stay Away From Dangerous Mods

By McGowan April 1, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Electronic cigarettes have, in recent years, started to gain more and more ground against their main competitors, the large tobacco companies that scrape in billions of dollars from cigarette sales. From humble beginnings in 2003, electronic cigarettes have gained public acceptance and have started to become more and more popular with smokers as a cheaper, more convenient, and safer way to smoke .

Because of this rise in thepopularity of electronic cigarettes , many manufacturers and retailers have sprung up with the hopes of cashing in big with this quickly growing market. Many electronic cigarette brands offer premium products with price tags that, although amount to savings over traditional cigarettes in the long run, are still pretty hefty. With money become harder and harder to come by in these turbulent economic times, some smokers are turning to cheaper electronic cigarette alternatives to help keep costs down even further.

A popular trend with electronic cigarette users trying to further reduce the footprint of electronic cigarettes on their budget is electronic cigarette modding. Modding is the practice of making modifications on an electronic cigarette to obtain different results, like increasing the amount of vapor that an electronic cigarette emits, changing the electronic cigarettes battery and electronic to maximize battery life, and building an entire electronic cigarette from scratch using parts available on the internet to cut down on the cost of buying a new electronic cigarette.

Although modding electronic cigarettes can provide great benefits if performed by a modder with sufficient technical experience, those without enough technical experience should be warned against it. This is especially true about modding an electronic cigarette's electronics, as this can yield some pretty life-threatening results.

The best example of the hazards of electronic cigarette modding is perhaps the experience of Tom Holloway of Niceville, Florida. On February 13 this year, Holloway was rushed to the hospital when his electronic cigarette blew up in his mouth. Although the fire department wasn't able to determine the make or model of the electronic cigarette the Holloway was using, it was later determined that he had been using battery mods to extend the battery life of his electronic cigarettes.

In response to this the co-founder of V2 Electronic Cigarettes spoke out against using electronic cigarette mods. The company cited the dangers of using unprotected lithium ion batteries as one of the main causes for electronic cigarette explosions and fires.

So if modding leaves many without the required technical knowledge out in the rain in the search for a cheaper alternative to expensive brands like V2 cigarettes, is there another way for electronic cigarette users on a budget to have their cake and eat it too? Actually, there is!

Rather than risking your life on hazardous electronic cigarette mods, there are other great electronic cigarette manufacturers out there that offer electronic cigarettes at prices closer to their actual manufacturing costs. A quick search for cheap electronic cigarettes might lead you to companies from China, where most electronic cigarettes originate from. A notable company is, who manufacture their own electronic cigarettes in their own factory, rather than having it outsourced (to China, as most American electronic cigarette companies do). This company sells electronic cigarettes that are comparable in quality to expensive brands at prices all under $50.

So don't risk your life on dangerous electronic cigarette mods. There are other alternatives you can try if you're looking for a cheaper way to hop onto the electronic cigarette bandwagon. Don't let a mod ruin the experience for you!

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