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How Electronic Cigarettes Can Improve Your Social Life

By McGowan March 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Electronic cigarettes have many great benefits to offer for smokers who have difficulty quitting the habit or who want to continue being able to smoke but want to use something that is less harmful than traditional cigarettes that are widely recognized as slow acting instruments of death and destruction. But the benefits of electronic cigarettes far exceed improvements in health-related respects. Electronic cigarettes are also great for improving the quality of your social life, as the blog of a popular electronic cigarette brand explains.

One the blog, we came across two very interesting articles that detailed the benefits that electronic cigarettes have that can help to improve your social life. The first described how electronic cigarettes can help to reduce the bad odors left by smoking traditional cigarettes on smokers and the second described in more depth how electronic cigarettes can bridge gaps between smokers and non-smokers.

The first article linked the bad odor produced by traditional cigarettes to how some smokers have difficulty associating with non-smokers. It also mentioned the fact that girls who don't smoke are actually turned off by guys who do smoke because not only do they smell bad, they also taste bad during a kiss.

The article went on to describe how smokers are actually unaware of their noxious odor because the brain filters out the fact that they smell bad in much the same way that the brain also filters out the unbearable smell of feces when people go for number two on the toilet. Electronic cigarettes are able to help smokers in this regard because electronic cigarettes do not produce bad odors, and in many cases, even produce smells that are pleasing to the sense of smell of most individuals.

The second article described how smokers who use electronic cigarettes can gain access to circles of friends who are non-smokers, because the vapor produced by electronic cigarettes is not offensive to non-smokers, and because it can allow smokers to stay in segregated areas reserved for non-smokers with non-smoking friends rather than have them move to smoking areas. This helps to break barriers between smokers and non-smokers, and can result in the development of not just deeper relationships with non-smokers who are already friends, but actually make new non-smoking friends as well.

The second article also explains how a smoker can use electronic cigarettes as a means to gain rep amongst their friends who do smoke, as many smokers still see electronic cigarettes as unnecessary because of their perceived expensiveness. However, using electronic cigarettes is actually cheaper in the long run than smoking traditional cigarettes, as electronic cigarette refill cartridges are cheaper versus traditional cigarettes when compared to cost against number of puffs.

With so many great advantages, electronic cigarettes truly are a great way to get ahead, not just for your the benefit of your health, but also in your social life as well. If you're still wondering whether you should make the switch to electronic cigarettes, stop wondering, pick one up today and then decide.

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