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By McGowan April 16, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

As the manufacturers claim that their smokeless cigarettes are safe for human health, or are these mere serious claims which are being restricted their marketing alone. You may continue reading to learn out the truth behind the smokeless electronic cigarettes, and so as the health risks associated through them.

The gaining popularity of the smokeless cigarettes has been increased into an extent which they never need an introduction to anymore. To an excellent extent, this gaining popularity of smokeless cigarettes may be attributed to the aggressive marketing through the manufacturers. More of these advertisements will tell you why the smokeless cigarettes have the edge over the traditional tobacco smoke, and yet what they never tell you is the fact in which these cigarettes have other health risks at their own. These health risks of the smokeless cigarettes put them into under the scanner of being late. And before we move on to learn an answer to some intricate question - are smokeless cigarettes safe for health, let's go first throughout some of advantages they have over the traditional counterparts.

Smokeless Cigarettes vs. Tobacco Smoke

Smokeless cigarettes - also referred to as the electronic cigarettes, are electronic devices that appear and act like the typical tobacco cigarettes, and yet never use tobacco like them. As their suggested name, the smokeless cigarettes never produce a harmful smoke - a notorious trait that happens to be a usual characteristic of thievery traditional tobacco counterparts. As instances within the traditional cigarettes, even the smokeless cigarettes offers doses of the nicotine to body, nevertheless the method used into the two varies by an excellent extent. Instead of the tobacco, the new found smokeless cigarettes use the liquid nicotine that is stored into mouth piece and delivered in form of as a vapour which is provide by heating this liquid is using the so called atomizer. As a result of this, you are never subjected to tar or in those 4000 odd chemicals dangerous that are likely to cause more harm to you when you suddenly smoke the tobacco. Importantly, lack of the smoke keeps the ill-effects of this passive smoking at in bay.

Is Smokeless Cigarettes Safe for Human Health?

'It is the smoke in the typical or the traditional cigarettes which kills you, and never of course the nicotine in it' - today that's one statement that you are likely to come in most of the gaining smokeless cigarettes more advertisements. However, is only a misconception, and the nicotine is as injurious for human health as the certain chemicals into tobacco smoke which are. While an every resorts to the smokeless cigarettes considering they are very harmless, they eventually gets addicted to the nicotine to the extent whereas the withdrawal looks impossible. More essentially, nicotine addiction is a very severe problem that has the possible tendency to cause irreversible much damage to the brain in the long run. Owing to nicotine content in there, these cigarettes also considered to be very harmful for individual people who suffered in sensitive or allergic to the nicotine.

Lastly, during the manufacturers argue which smokeless cigarettes are being devoid of the harmful chemicals the present in tobacco smoke, in the fact that chemicals like Propylene Glycol are used into smokeless cigarettes, and haven't yet come much clean in terms of effects on the human health is something which cannot turn a blind eye to be. The much acute toxicity of the Propylene Glycol is not a doubt low as several of the smokeless cigarettes reviews the reveal, and yet in a long term also this low toxicity may snowball into main health issues in every human. Even though the side effects of smokeless cigarettes exist a lot, lack of testing of cigarettes has being kept most of people into dark about their going alleged side-effects.

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